Mild Head Injury

Author: Arthur L. Benton, Harvey S. Levin, Howard M. Eisenberg
Type: eBook
Date Released: 1989
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 304
Isbn10 Code: 019505301X
Isbn13 Code: 9781423734666

Review In 1996, The Clinical Neuropsychologist journal published the results of its survey of the members of the American Board of Professional Psychology Diplomates. They were asked to propose a list of "Essential Books and Journals in North American Clinical Neuropsychology". Out of 162 titles, only 11 met the inclusion criteria of being endorsed by at least 15% of the respondents. Levin, Eisenberg, and Benton's Mild Head Injury was one of them! "This volume is, perhaps, the first comprehensive treatment of this topic in the literature. The contributors are exceptional, the chapters well written and edited, and the selection of topics timely and well integrated."--Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease "This short, readable book presents data that reflect the progress made in recent years in the understanding and management of mild head injury. . . . This comprehensive book will be of particular value to neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropsychologists, and specialists in rehabilitation medicine. It will also provide a quick, up-to-date synopsis of the field to anyone interested in the subject." --New England Journal of Medicine "This book addresses many of the important issues involved in the care, physiology, and consequences of mild brain injuries . . . . The book is well focused on an important clinical problem. It highlights the importance of multiple disciplines being involved in the management of patients with mild head injuries, that these disorders may be anything but trivial, and that future research may improve our understanding of these patients. It is a high-quality publication at a very reasonable price. The editors should be congratulated for making this work available to neurosurgeons both in practice and in training." --Journal of Neurosurgery "A most readable text that provides fascinating insights into many of the persisting puzzles of so-called minor or mild head injury . . . . brings together material from a wide range of sources in a compact form that is enjoyable to read and consult." --Brain "In my opinion this is a worthwile purchase." --The British Journal of Psychiatry "Levin has not only gathered an impressive group of respected authors but has provided a broad-spectrum approach primarily based on solid group research. Mild head injury has long been viewed as an enigmatic phenomenon, and this volume both bolsters some theories and dispels some myths. . . .Mild Head Injury provides a valuable reference to psychologists, neuropsychologists, neurologists, and others who work with this population. . . .Illustrates the rich and fertile ground that mild head injury provides for increasing our understanding of brain-behavior relations." --Contemporary Psychology "This book has been long overdue and anxiously awaited by scientists and clinicians dedicated to the study and treatment of mild head injury (MHI). For years, serious gaps have existed in our knowledge of MHI, leading to controversy and uncertainty in the diagnosis and treatment of MHI-associated functional disability. Minor Head Injury helps to clarify many of these issues and promotes a greater understanding of MHI and the post-concussion syndrome. Section II on experimental models and neuropathology is especially interesting. Section III on clinical management, neurphsiology, and neuroimaging is excellent reading for both clinicians and researchers. The benefit of this book is that it should bring some universality to the manner in which MHI is viewed and uniformity to the manner in which it is treated." --Journal of Neuropsychiatry About the Author Harvey S. Levin is at University of Texas Medical Branch. Howard M. Eisenberg is at University of Texas Medical Branch.

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